The sauna is an excellent tool in the fight against stress, it relaxes the muscles, the skin breathes, and the blood actively provides all organs with nutrients and oxygen. A place for relaxation, relaxation, recovery and a good time.

ANTARES - SPA has prepared all the necessary conditions and services for your stunning vacation. The staff of the complex will take care of your leisure and make your vacation unforgettable. SPA zone is designed for a company of up to 12 people. For your cozy getaway there are amazing couples who can help you get full relaxation and enjoy a traditional bathing holiday. Here you can steam in a Finnish bath on firewood and in a Roman steam room.
For your convenience, the sauna can be booked by phone number or

Whirlpool will finally help you relax after saunas, all under the sounds of relax music. For lovers of active bathing, we have prepared a pleasant wellness procedures and the opportunity to feel complete relaxation using the services of a professional banshee, who will introduce you to steaming in a bath in the wood. Also at your service is a seating area where you can have a good time with friends or family by ordering food and drinks. And for romantic evenings our VIP_RED_ROOM is perfect. Also located on site are a hotel and a meeting room. The hotel offers 22 modern and comfortable rooms. The front desk is open 24 hours a day.

 Price for SPA 
Minimum order - 2 hours. The maximum number of guests in the SPA is 12 people

The price includes the use of all halls and paraphernalia (towel, sheet, soap, shower gel, shampoo, sneakers, bath cap)


Sauna for 4 persons / 1 hour 900UAH
Each subsequent person / 1hour 225UAH

2.NIGHT SAUNA between 00:00-6:00
Sauna for 6 people between  00:00-6:00 UAH 3600
Each subsequent person between 00:00-6:00 UAH 600

  - Bathrobe 100uah
  - Broom oak 70UAH
  - Services of a massage therapist
  -Banchier services